New Arrival-Mentalized Filament Tape

Metalized (Aluminum) Bi-directional Filament Tape
Product Description
It  is coated by 25mic polyester film (metalized) woven with cross fiberglass reinforcements with a pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber and resin  adhesive. Balanced machine direction and cross direction tensile strength, high adhesion and medium impact strength. Bi-directional filaments provide resistance to delamination for improved one piece removability and increased “boardiness” for avrious applications, ideal for outdoor applications where requests sunshine reflection, etc.
Main Application
* Unitizing
* Bundling,
* Palletizing,
* Strapping
* Sealing, etc

NEW ARRIVAL!-Auto Dispenser


This is our new machine, designed as an electrica automatic dispenser which used for tapes include paper based tape, pet tape, PI tape, filament tape and other tapes based on paper and film.

Easy operation, Durable, and High working-efficiency.

NEW ARRIVAL! -Dispenser

Esay Operation, Durable, High Efficiency
Speed: 300 mm per second
Length choosable: from 150mm to 210mm
Heating function enhances brushing
Display shows the current output length
Alloy frame as based body covered by durable ABS plastic
Safety interlock switch disables cutting when cover is open to prevent from any injuries.


RT-208D: Automatic Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser.

This is our new machine, designed as an auto dispenser which fits used for water activated tape cutting.

Easy operation, Durable, and High working-efficiency.

It’s designed as an Automatic Grade Dispenser for  Water Activated Tape (Plain and Reinforced grade).
It helps improve working efficiency and lower cost for packing.
Power 2A AC 110/220V Tape Length Maxminum 200m (Normally)
Speed 300 mm per second Weight 12 kg / unit
Tape Width Maximum 80 mm Size 450mm (L) X 320mm (W) X 280mm (H)


Modes Manual Mode Press and release the button to cut the right length needed
Single Mode Press the button to choose the right length needed
Auto Model Choose the right one length for all working, machine cut automatically
Fixed Model Select several lengths and set as an order, then machine cuts lengths as  order set up

Manual Dispenser (WAT)

Full Manual Dispenser designed for Water Activated Gummed/Paper Tape.

Tape holders: 2 for option

Blade: Stainless Steel

Main material: ABS (3mm~4mm thickness)

Water Roller: Durable fiber cloth

Fasten seats: 3 on the buttom

Tape: Gummed Paper Tape  (Reinforced and Non-reinforced)


  1. Esay operation
  2. Tape holders: Hold tape on the air, easy to draw when operating.
  3. Water Roller: Unlike brush type, fiber cloth better water absorbtion.
  4. Big cost saving !
  5. Color available: Green, Grey, Orange, etc

This is our new entry, designed and manufacture for Water Activated Gummed/Kraft/Paper Tape (Reinforced and Non-reinforced).

Welcome to inquiry.

Rudder Tape

Lynee Han

June, 20, 2021.

High Strength Filament Tape

RT-113C : High Strenght Mono-directional Filament Tape

It is a high-performance transparent filament tape reinforced along its length with continuous fiberglass-yarn filaments, which gives the tape a very high tensile strength. The clear polyester backing provides excellent abrasion, moisture and scuff resistance. The adhesive is a modified acrylic adhesive specifically formulated to provide very good oily metal adhesion performance.
The adhesive also provides a balanced performance having high adhesion and long term holding power for a variety of metal working applications.
RT-113C : is designed to replace 3M# 890MSR etc.

Widely used in Metal/Steel industry, like for PPGI/Steel Coil tabbing, bunlding, packing applications, also suits for heavy duty strapping application and so on.

• Clean removal
• Good oily metal adhesion.
• Printable by the print seal process.
• Very high tensile strength.
• High shear strength.
• Abrasion and moisture resistant.
• Excellent aging before and after application.
• Good protection of filaments and adhesive to provide longer package life.
• Assures maximum package performance for limited outdoor use.
• Saves time through ease of dispensing and handling versus glue and strapping.
• Provides advertising and warning capability when printed.
• Low unit cost on applications where high tensile strength is main requirement by using less tape.
• Good holding under a wide range of application conditions with minimum amount of tape.

For more information, please contact us.

Rudder Tape Team

Apr, 06, 2021.

RT-2501: Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Hot Melt Tape

New Product– Reinforced Kraft Paper Carton Sealing Tape

RT-2501 is designed as Reinforced Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape, backing with kraft paper, reinforced by 3-way fiberglass, coated with Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt based. Designed as an alternative of Bopp tape, or water activated reinforced kraft tape, its color closes to carton color and esay operation, widely used as carton sealing tape.

Different from Reinforced Water Activated Tape, RT-2501 is coated with our modified hot melt based adhesive with high visicosity feature, easy to sealing cartons and boxes etc.

RT-2501 is one of our new products which published in Feb, 2021. Today, its quality has been approved by our customers and their markets.

Contact us for more information please.

Rudder Tape.

April, 01, 2021.

Satement of Pricing Increased

Statement of Pricing increased


Dear All Customers/Clients,

This is Lynee from Rudder Tape.

As you might know due to cost increased of raw material in China, plus the fluctuation of exchange rate (USD devalues to CNY these months). I’m friendly to inform you all that on Nov, 10th ,2020, we will start adjusting all pricing (go up by 3%~10% up to different products) and will quote in new quotation.

I am really sorry about that and really appreciate for your kind understanding and support.


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Issue Date: Nov, 05th, 2020

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Account Changed Statement

Dear Customers/Clients


Good day.

This is Lynee from Rudder Tape.

Here I informed you that, on Oct, 1st, 2020, we will start using New Bank Account with new title information.




More details will be indicated in your new orders (Pro forma invoice)

Please note:

1.we use new bank for payment receiving  (Pro forma invoice), the other information in Bill of landing, original of certificate, Packing list & Invoice for customers customs clearance will remain title of RUDDER (XIAMEN) INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

2. Payment received by new bank account will not affect order processing.

Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate for your kind support and understanding.


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How to select adhesive fits your application?

  • Synthetic Rubber: Versatile, good adhesion to many surfaces, higher stability and temperature range.
  • Modified Synthetic Rubber: Versatile, good adhesion to many surfaces, higher stability and temperature range, clean removal.
  • Hot Melt Adhesive: Utility, good adhesion to many surfaces, general stability and temperature range.

1)None / Non-adhesive

Non-adhesive tapes, films or laminates do not have an applied adhesive, but may be self-adhering. PTFE thread-sealing tape is a type of non-adhesive tape.

2) Acrylic adhesive

Acrylic adhesives provide excellent environmental resistance and faster setting times than other resin systems.

3)Pressure Sensitive (PSA)

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) or contact adhesives are aggressively and permanently tacky at room temperature in dry (solvent free) form. They adhere firmly to a variety of dissimilar surfaces upon contact, requiring only the application of finger or hand pressure. PSAs do not require water, solvent, or heat activation in order to exert a strong adhesive force on materials such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement, and metal. PSAs have a sufficiently cohesive holding and elastic nature so that despite their aggressive tackiness, they can be manipulated by hand and removed from smooth surfaces without leaving a residue. In terms of general trade usage, leading tape manufacturers do not sanction the extension of the term “pressure sensitive” to include tapes and adhesives just because they are sticky (e.g., fly-paper) or just because they adhere or cohere.