High Strength Filament Tape

RT-113C : High Strenght Mono-directional Filament Tape

It is a high-performance transparent filament tape reinforced along its length with continuous fiberglass-yarn filaments, which gives the tape a very high tensile strength. The clear polyester backing provides excellent abrasion, moisture and scuff resistance. The adhesive is a modified acrylic adhesive specifically formulated to provide very good oily metal adhesion performance.
The adhesive also provides a balanced performance having high adhesion and long term holding power for a variety of metal working applications.
RT-113C : is designed to replace 3M# 890MSR etc.

Widely used in Metal/Steel industry, like for PPGI/Steel Coil tabbing, bunlding, packing applications, also suits for heavy duty strapping application and so on.

• Clean removal
• Good oily metal adhesion.
• Printable by the print seal process.
• Very high tensile strength.
• High shear strength.
• Abrasion and moisture resistant.
• Excellent aging before and after application.
• Good protection of filaments and adhesive to provide longer package life.
• Assures maximum package performance for limited outdoor use.
• Saves time through ease of dispensing and handling versus glue and strapping.
• Provides advertising and warning capability when printed.
• Low unit cost on applications where high tensile strength is main requirement by using less tape.
• Good holding under a wide range of application conditions with minimum amount of tape.

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Rudder Tape Team

Apr, 06, 2021.

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