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Rudder is not just another tapes provider, we are turly dedicated to offer goods with quality, humanistic service, high efficiency, the most importance is you will find the best solution when talking with us.

Water Activated Tape

Water Activated Tape

Reinforced by 3 way fiberglass, seal boxes and packages easily, water activated glue dries fast,. Keeps package contents safe and secure during shipping. Ensure the packages arrived intact.



RT-2DW01 is designed as a substitution of #333 semi-auto dispenser, quality has been approved by the US market.
1) Easy operation 2) Durable
3) Convenience 4) Sharp cutter
5) Competitive price

Filament Tape

Filament Tape

Constructed of polypropylene or polyester film, reinforced by glassfiber to enhance its tensile strength. We offer low, medium, and high-grade products. These tapes are used in packing and for bundling

Rudder Tapes for applications

Rudder offers a varity of adhesive tapes, that involve various industies, includeing general packaging, home appliance, constructions, cloths, automobile, sports, traffic and so on, for more informaiton please contact us with no hesitation immediately.

What People Say?

With years of development, Rudder Tape has won valuable reputation from our dear customers cross the world through their persistent efforts.


1) You shall get more payoff, you work so hard boy, its midnigth at your time! I like your attitude. 2) I got comments, they said your goods work well, I a m going to repeat my order next week. Thanks. 3) No, not yet, we still havent received goods, because of customs, will keep you posted, thanks for following up. 4) Yes! I have your samples at my office, I like your high efficiency, you make things so easy. 5) Though, seems this is weaker than we thought, I appreciate for your solution, and I think it works. 6).....

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#) The internet is changing the nation of India with the help of Google & Fackbook. Date: July, 07, 2019--Rudder Tape. #) The Unite State said it would not put any tariffs on the rest of 300 Billion China goods after G20 summit in Osaka, Janpan. Date: June, 29, 2019--Rudder Tape.

How to use Gummed paper tape?

Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape also known as Water activated Tape, backing with kraft paper, reinforced by fiberglass and activated by water. Rudder Tape–Gummed paper tape is 100% recylced, degradable, eco-friendly, equivalent to brands like Intertape, Holland, then hwo to use it? Let’s watch the video at youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVhOWYymMNY

White 100 lbs Filament Tape-New product!

New Filament Tape Product released!

White 100 lbs Mono filament Tape–RT-1M01.
It is designed as an equivlane to GS 490, White filament tape and other similar products like RG 300, RG 286, etc in the US market.

Polyproplene film as backing, coated with white hot melt adhesive, reinforced by continous fiberglass used as a reinforced tape, widely used for bundling, strapping, carton sealing and applications where requires strong tensile.

This is really a big breakout, as so far we are the first one who offers White Filament Tape coated with white hot melt glue in China.

Welcome to contact us for any further inquiry.
E: info@ruddertape.com

Date: Aug, 07, 2019.  Editor: Rudder Tape

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