RT-1C00M: Metalized Cross Filament Tape

Metalized (Aluminum) Bi-directional Filament Tape
Product Description
It  is coated by 25mic polyester film (metalized) woven with cross fiberglass reinforcements with a pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber and resin  adhesive. Balanced machine direction and cross direction tensile strength, high adhesion and medium impact strength. Bi-directional filaments provide resistance to delamination for improved one piece removability and increased “boardiness” for avrious applications, ideal for outdoor applications where requests sunshine reflection, etc.

Typical Physical Properties
Total Thickness: 0.14 ±0.01mm 5.5 mil ASTM D-3652
Adhesion to Steel: 25 N/25mm 90 oz/ in ASTM D-3330
Tensile strength: 450 ±50N/25mm 100 lbs/in ASTM D-3759
Elongation at Break: 3~5%
Temp service recommended  -10°C to 70°C 14 °F to 158 °F