With over 10-year experience of being dedicated in to Adhesive Tape, Rudder (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd also known as Rudder Tape is veiwed as one of the best of choices for customers who seek best solutions of adhesive tape. Our markets contain 5 continents, products penentrate into countries like Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Brazil and so forth. We have win losts of trusts from there.

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Integrity is the No 1.

Professionalism, Quick Response, Reliability, Sustainability and Foresight that we obey always.

  • Do our best to serve clients.
  • Do our best to provide the best solution.
  • Do our best to obtain the Valuable Trust from Every customer.
  • Create maximum values to every single partner.

We act as one team, deliver best service, professionalism, quality proudct, responsibility to partners who trust us and we trust well.

Make life better.