White 100 lbs Filament Tape-New product!

New Filament Tape Product released!

White 100 lbs Mono filament Tape–RT-1M01.
It is designed as an equivlane to GS 490, White filament tape and other similar products like RG 300, RG 286, etc in the US market.

Polyproplene film as backing, coated with white hot melt adhesive, reinforced by continous fiberglass used as a reinforced tape, widely used for bundling, strapping, carton sealing and applications where requires strong tensile.

This is really a big breakout, as so far we are the first one who offers White Filament Tape coated with white hot melt glue in China.

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Date: Aug, 07, 2019.  Editor: Rudder Tape