Manual Dispenser (WAT)

Full Manual Dispenser designed for Water Activated Gummed/Paper Tape.

Tape holders: 2 for option

Blade: Stainless Steel

Main material: ABS (3mm~4mm thickness)

Water Roller: Durable fiber cloth

Fasten seats: 3 on the buttom

Tape: Gummed Paper Tape  (Reinforced and Non-reinforced)


  1. Esay operation
  2. Tape holders: Hold tape on the air, easy to draw when operating.
  3. Water Roller: Unlike brush type, fiber cloth better water absorbtion.
  4. Big cost saving !
  5. Color available: Green, Grey, Orange, etc

This is our new entry, designed and manufacture for Water Activated Gummed/Kraft/Paper Tape (Reinforced and Non-reinforced).

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Rudder Tape

Lynee Han

June, 20, 2021.

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