Manual Dispenser (WAT)

Full Manual Dispenser designed for Water Activated Gummed/Paper Tape.

Tape holders: 2 for option

Blade: Stainless Steel

Main material: ABS (3mm~4mm thickness)

Water Roller: Durable fiber cloth

Fasten seats: 3 on the buttom

Tape: Gummed Paper Tape  (Reinforced and Non-reinforced)


  1. Esay operation
  2. Tape holders: Hold tape on the air, easy to draw when operating.
  3. Water Roller: Unlike brush type, fiber cloth better water absorbtion.
  4. Big cost saving !
  5. Color available: Green, Grey, Orange, etc

This is our new entry, designed and manufacture for Water Activated Gummed/Kraft/Paper Tape (Reinforced and Non-reinforced).

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Rudder Tape

Lynee Han

June, 20, 2021.

High Strength Filament Tape

RT-113C : High Strenght Mono-directional Filament Tape

It is a high-performance transparent filament tape reinforced along its length with continuous fiberglass-yarn filaments, which gives the tape a very high tensile strength. The clear polyester backing provides excellent abrasion, moisture and scuff resistance. The adhesive is a modified acrylic adhesive specifically formulated to provide very good oily metal adhesion performance.
The adhesive also provides a balanced performance having high adhesion and long term holding power for a variety of metal working applications.
RT-113C : is designed to replace 3M# 890MSR etc.

Widely used in Metal/Steel industry, like for PPGI/Steel Coil tabbing, bunlding, packing applications, also suits for heavy duty strapping application and so on.

• Clean removal
• Good oily metal adhesion.
• Printable by the print seal process.
• Very high tensile strength.
• High shear strength.
• Abrasion and moisture resistant.
• Excellent aging before and after application.
• Good protection of filaments and adhesive to provide longer package life.
• Assures maximum package performance for limited outdoor use.
• Saves time through ease of dispensing and handling versus glue and strapping.
• Provides advertising and warning capability when printed.
• Low unit cost on applications where high tensile strength is main requirement by using less tape.
• Good holding under a wide range of application conditions with minimum amount of tape.

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Rudder Tape Team

Apr, 06, 2021.

How to select adhesive fits your application?

  • Synthetic Rubber: Versatile, good adhesion to many surfaces, higher stability and temperature range.
  • Modified Synthetic Rubber: Versatile, good adhesion to many surfaces, higher stability and temperature range, clean removal.
  • Hot Melt Adhesive: Utility, good adhesion to many surfaces, general stability and temperature range.

1)None / Non-adhesive

Non-adhesive tapes, films or laminates do not have an applied adhesive, but may be self-adhering. PTFE thread-sealing tape is a type of non-adhesive tape.

2) Acrylic adhesive

Acrylic adhesives provide excellent environmental resistance and faster setting times than other resin systems.

3)Pressure Sensitive (PSA)

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) or contact adhesives are aggressively and permanently tacky at room temperature in dry (solvent free) form. They adhere firmly to a variety of dissimilar surfaces upon contact, requiring only the application of finger or hand pressure. PSAs do not require water, solvent, or heat activation in order to exert a strong adhesive force on materials such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement, and metal. PSAs have a sufficiently cohesive holding and elastic nature so that despite their aggressive tackiness, they can be manipulated by hand and removed from smooth surfaces without leaving a residue. In terms of general trade usage, leading tape manufacturers do not sanction the extension of the term “pressure sensitive” to include tapes and adhesives just because they are sticky (e.g., fly-paper) or just because they adhere or cohere.

What is Filament Tape?

Filament Tape constructed of polypropylene film or polyester film that is glass-reinforced and that has an aggressive synthetic rubber, hot melt rubber or acrylic based adhesive system. These tapes have high tensile strength that can be enhanced with additional glass fibers. Consequently, there are low, medium, and high-grade products. These tapes are used in packaging and for bundling where strong tensile required, and involved in industries like homeappliance, electrical, construction, transformer, packaging, steeling coil, etc.

Rudder Tape–Filament tapes have been penetrated into the US, Australia, South Asian countries, Canada, British markets and so on, we have a confidence on our quality,  and offer a varity of grade for your to select.

What is Water Activated Tape?

Water-activated tape , also known Gummed Paper Tape or WAT Tape, is a form of paper tape with a water-based adhesive that is reactivated by water. Water-activated tape can be found in plain Kraft paper for light cartons or with several layers of paper and reinforcement for heavy parcels. When the water-activated adhesive is applied to a carton, a capillary action bonds the tape to the carton. This permanent bond is tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. WAT is not affected by dirt, dust oil or extreme temperature environments.

Water-activated reinforced kraft paper tape is a green environmental protection product, is the national and provincial new products, and its base material and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can recycling use with the packaging. It is mainly used to replace pressure sensitive adhesive tape, etc. Used for carton sealing.

Rudder Tape–water activated tape is 100% recycled, eco-friendly product, quality has been approved by the US, Australia, British markets and so on, we have a confidence on our quality, we believe we are capable and qualified to be one of your partners.

How to use Gummed paper tape?

Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape also known as Water activated Tape, backing with kraft paper, reinforced by fiberglass and activated by water. Rudder Tape–Gummed paper tape is 100% recylced, degradable, eco-friendly, equivalent to brands like Intertape, Holland, then hwo to use it? Let’s watch the video at youtube at

White 100 lbs Filament Tape-New product!

New Filament Tape Product released!

White 100 lbs Mono filament Tape–RT-1M01.
It is designed as an equivlane to GS 490, White filament tape and other similar products like RG 300, RG 286, etc in the US market.

Polyproplene film as backing, coated with white hot melt adhesive, reinforced by continous fiberglass used as a reinforced tape, widely used for bundling, strapping, carton sealing and applications where requires strong tensile.

This is really a big breakout, as so far we are the first one who offers White Filament Tape coated with white hot melt glue in China.

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Date: Aug, 07, 2019.  Editor: Rudder Tape