RT-2501: Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Hot Melt Tape

New Product– Reinforced Kraft Paper Carton Sealing Tape

RT-2501 is designed as Reinforced Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape, backing with kraft paper, reinforced by 3-way fiberglass, coated with Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt based. Designed as an alternative of Bopp tape, or water activated reinforced kraft tape, its color closes to carton color and esay operation, widely used as carton sealing tape.

Different from Reinforced Water Activated Tape, RT-2501 is coated with our modified hot melt based adhesive with high visicosity feature, easy to sealing cartons and boxes etc.

RT-2501 is one of our new products which published in Feb, 2021. Today, its quality has been approved by our customers and their markets.

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Rudder Tape.

April, 01, 2021.

Satement of Pricing Increased

Statement of Pricing increased


Dear All Customers/Clients,

This is Lynee from Rudder Tape.

As you might know due to cost increased of raw material in China, plus the fluctuation of exchange rate (USD devalues to CNY these months). I’m friendly to inform you all that on Nov, 10th ,2020, we will start adjusting all pricing (go up by 3%~10% up to different products) and will quote in new quotation.

I am really sorry about that and really appreciate for your kind understanding and support.


Here certified by

Ms Lynee




Issue Date: Nov, 05th, 2020

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