Flame Retardant Double Sided Scrim Tape

RT-1D42: Flame Retardant Double-Sided Scrim Tape

It is a flame retardant double side scrim tape, release flim as liner, scrim as the carrier, flame retardnt provides good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Appropriate for stabilizing fire-proof sealing profiles/strips and applications where requires flame retardant feature.

Typical Physical Properties
Liner Thickness: 0.05 mm ASTM D-3652
Thickness without liner: 0.15 ±0.01  mm ASTM D-3652
Adhesion to Steel (at 180 °): 10±2 N/25mm ASTM D-3330
Tensile strength: 350 N/25mm ASTM D-3759
Elongation at Break: 4~6% ASTM D-3759
Flame Retardancy V0