Double-sided Butyl Tape without Carrier

Butyl Tape also know as sealing butyl (sealant) tape, used as waterproofing Material in constrcution, Automobile industry and so forth. Its performence wins lots of trusts from market. Rudder Tape’s quality equivalent to Japanese, Korean, and enter into markets contain the USA, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, India, Korea and so on locate across the 5 continents.

Double-sided butyl tape without Carrier: double faces coated with butyl rubber glue as backing material, No reinforcement, relaease paper as liner.

Glue color available: black, gray, white, etc.

We are quite flexible to make custom-made product, based on precise demand from every single customer.

For example: thickness includes 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm and so on.

RT-020D, Double sided Butyl Tape without Carrier as an example

RT-020D      PDF

Code RT-020D Specification
Tape Double sided Butyl Tape without carrier Adhesive color Black Butyl
Thickness 1.0 mm
Liner color White release paper
Items Standard Date Test Date
Holding Power
Top face ≥ 20 22
Bottom face 22
Heat resistance 80°C,
2 hours
No dripping,
No chap
No deformation
No dripping,
No chap
No deformation
Cold resistance  -40°C No deformation No deformation
Peel adhesion to
waterproof roll ≥ 0.4 0.53
Cement mortar board ≥ 0.6 0.70
Steel plate 0.75
Peel strength
retention rate
Heat treatment
168 hours
waterproof roll ≥ 80 108
Cement mortar board 83
Steel plate 105
Alkali / Saturated calcium hydroxide solution treatment
168 hours
waterproof roll ≥ 80 84
Cement mortar board 104
Steel plate 99
Soaking treatment (water)
168 hours
waterproof roll ≥ 80 97
Cement mortar board 114
Steel plate 89
Note Waterproof roll is EPDM
Summary Date reach standard data, qualified product,