RT-2WR12 Reinforced Water activated Tape

RT-2WR12 is desgined as a light duty Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape (Water activated Tape), used virgin kraft paper as backing material, coated with vegetable glue which is activated by water, reinforced by 3-way continuous glass fiber, widely used instead of general plastic tape for carton sealing.

In addition, ours tape is 100% recycled, eco-friendly, which means it will Not cause pollution to environment after uses, widely used in advanced countries or regions, catches the development of environment.

RT-2WR12  equivlanet to Central #233, Vemon, Pak-Man H-40, etc

Printed is available.

Physical properties

Thickness 0.145±0.01mm
MD Tensile ≥ 64 lbs/in 282 N/25mm
CD Tensile ≥ 19 lbs/in 93 N/25mm


Top Ply: 25 lb   Virgin Natural Kraft Paper and virgin fibers
Bottom Ply: 25 lb   Virgin Natural Kraft Paper and virgin fibers
MD Reinforcement: (1-1-1-1)  110 Fiberglass per 72mm
CD Reinforcement: (1-1-1) 150 Fiberglass, 1” spacing, at 45° angle
Laminating Adhesive: Hot melt adhesive
Water-Activated Adhesive: Modified Starch Based Adhesive

Used for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom. Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads. Using on the light weight carton is recommended.