C5 Hydrocarbon Resin

It is a premium aliphatic C5 hydrocarbon resin with narrow molecular weight distribution designed for variety of polymers including EVA, APP, APAO, SIS Copolymers. Natural and synthetic rubber including polyisoprene , polyisobutylene and butyl rubber.v

Product Specifications Typical Properties
Softening Point °C 96 to 104 Softening Point °C 99.5
Color, YI 40 Max Color, Gardner/YI–Initial 3.2
Appearance Transparent light yellow solids Wax Cloud Point °C
Insolubles, wt% 0.02
Tackifier or modifier for adhesive systems ,including:
a)  Hot melt adhesive
b)  Pressure sensitive adhesive
c)  Tapes
1. Is a light colored, premium,aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight distribution.
2. Has excellent compatibility with EVA, APP,APAO, styrene block polymers (such as SIS, SEBS, and SBS), Natural Rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubbers, as well as natural tackifier resins (such as terpene, colophonyl and its derivatives).
3. Can be blended to customer requirements with other materials and different resins to improve adhesive performance.
4. Provides good adhesive capability , excellent aging stability and light color in Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive adhesive and Hot Melt Adhesives applications.