Washi Paper Tape
Product Description
RT-M2101 is backing with washi paper and coated with solvent acrylic adhesive with high temperature resistance up to 120°C  (248°F), which makes it the best masking tape on exterior decorations work and repair.
It owns high initial tack property that provides outstanding masking purpose for various rough or smooth surfaces, clean removal feature makes tape leaves nothing when being peeled off.
Excellent UV resistance over 14 days, it performs very steady after being applied.

Physical Properties Test Method
Backing material Washi Paper  ——————
Color Blue  ——————
Adhesive Acrylic Adhesive  ——————
Total Thickness 0.15 mm 5.9 mil ASTM D-3652
Backing Thickness 0.12 mm 4.7 mil ASTM D-3652
Adhesion to Steel 4.8 N/25mm 17.28 oz/ in ASTM D 3330
Holding Power 10 ±2 H ASTM D 1000
Temp Resistance  -10 °C to 120 °C 14 °F to 248 °F ASTM D 1000
UV Resistance 14 Days ASTM D 1000