General Purpose Masking Tape
Product Description
RT-M2001 is a masking tape backing with crepe paper and coated with pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive.
Good holding and sealing properties make it fits for painting, spray painting and other applications on packaging, sealing, bundling, stationery, metal, shoe materials,  sports equipments, electronic parts and components, also ideal for auto repair and maintenance and so on.

Physical Properties Test Method
Backing material Crepe Paper  ——————
Color Mikly White  ——————
Adhesive Rubber  ——————
Total Thickness 0.14 mm 5.5 mil ASTM D-3652
Adhesion to Steel 6 N/25mm 21.60 oz/ in ASTM D 3330
Tensile Strength 50 N/25mm 11.24 lbs/in ASTM D 3759
Elongation 4% 4% ASTM D 3759
Service Temperature up to 60 °C up to 140°F  ——————
Applying Tem Recommended 10 to 40°C 50 to 105°F  ——————