RT-1M22C, Clear PET Filament Tape Clean Removal for bundling heavy duty

RT-1M23C is a heavy strength fiberglass reinforced biaxially-oriented 23 um polyester film tape with a aggressive solventless pressure sensitive Synthetic Rubber Resin adhesive with clean removal feature. Exhibits steady strength excellent adhesion to bundling and strapping heavy duty, like bundling steeling coil applications, etc.

RT-1M23 is used instead of # 898

*Backing: Polyester film *Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber Resin
*Backing Color: Clear *Reinforcement: Mono-directional continuous glass yarn


Typical Physical Properties
Total Thickness: 0.16 ± 0.01mm
Adhesion to Steel: ≥ 81 oz / in ≥ 22.5 N / inch
Tensile strength: ≥ 240 lbs./ in ≥ 424 N/cm
Elongation at Break: 3~5%
Service Tem recommended: -13 ~85℃  ( 9 ~185°F)