RT-1D07, Double-sided Mesh Filament Tape, reinforced by 2 ways fiberglass

RT-1D07 is a double side cross weave filament tape coated by 70 um release paper-glassine paper. The bi directional fiberglass yarn provides high strength, Synthetic Rubber Resin adhesive provides good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. suits for sporting mat, for self-adhesion of decoration articles, and other purposes.

*Liner: Tan release paper *Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber Resin
*Liner color: Tan *Reinforcement: Bi-directional glass yarn

Typical Physical Properties
Total Thickness: 0.21 mm
Adhesion to Steel: 35 N/25mm
Tensile strength: ≥ 350 N/25mm
Elongation at Break: 3~5%
Service Tem recommended: -7 ~85℃  ( 20 ~185°F)