RT-104, Utility Grade Mono Filament Tape

RT-104, Economy Grade Mono Filament Tape

RT-104 is a light strength fiberglass reinforced biaxially-oriented polyester film tape with a aggressive solventless pressure sensitive Synthetic Rubber Based adhesive. Exhibits high impact strength excellent adhesion to kraft cartons and bundling applications.


*Backing: 25 mic Polyester film *Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber Resin
*Backing Color: Transparent *Reinforcement: Mono-directional glass yarn

Typical Physical Properties

Total Thickness: 0.12 mm
Adhesion to Steel (180°): 75 oz / in 20 N / 25mm
Tensile strength: 113 lbs./ in 500 N/25mm
Elongation at Break: 3~5%
Service Tem recommended: 0 ~70℃  ( 32 ~158°F)