Golf Grip Tape
Product Description
White release paper as liner, coated with solvent acrylic adhesive, Non-woven tissue as carrier.
Strong adhesion & holding power, superior adhesive strength on various kinds of backing materials, especially suitable for bonding materials onto rough surfaces. Used as Golf Grip Tape, Badminton Rackets Tape, Tennies Rackets Tape, Sport facility Tape, etc.
1.Good anti-aging, high adhesion,
2.Suitable for sealing plastic bags, sticking wallpaper, splicing paper,
3. Suitable for nameplate sticking, punching, leather, embroidery, EVA/foam, Sport facility etc.

Liner: 105±5 gsm White release paper Adhesive: Solvent Acrylic Glue
Carrier Non-woven tissue Color Translucent
Typical Physical Properties
Thickness (mic): 90
Initial Tack #14 Steel Ball  (mm) ≤100 GB/T 4852-2002
Peeling Strength  (N/25mm) ≥12 GB/T 2792-1998
Holding Power    25 Celsius (minute) ≥300 GB/T 4851-1998