RT-DS306: Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape

RT-DS306: Double-sided Acrylic Foam Tape
Product Description
It is a high performance acrylic foam double-sided tape. Its color is Grey, it owns features includes: flexible, good adhesion to many painted metals, resistant to plasticizers.
It’s high performance simplifies the application.
It meets the requirements and regulations of ROHS in terms of environmental protection.
Density acrylic foam substrate, excellent strength in bonding and sealing makes it to be alternative to the traditional mechanical connection methods such as riveting and welding to fix the structure.
Also UV resistance, solvent resistance, ideal for being used outdoors.
Main Application
Car interior trim. Door/window trim. Sealing strip. Car standard. Balance block, etc.
Electronics industry. Mobile digital. PCB. Assembly. LCD TV panel bonding. Signage. Fixed nameplate. Anti-vibration of electronic and electrical products, etc.
Labels. Letters in aluminum, PC.PP and ABS, etc. Bonding of Chinese characters, fixing of household appliances, fixing of LED boards, etc.

Typical Physical Properties
Test Item Test value Unit
Total Thickness 1 ±0.05 mm
Adhesive Acrylic  –
Density 800 kg/m3
Color Grey  –
Static shear strength
(10000min, 0.5 square inches)
22°C 1500 Gram
66°C 500 Gram
93°C 500 Gram
Dynamic Shear (tensile strength)
(6.45 cm², 50mm/min)
1000 Kpa
Peel Adhesion at 90° 75
Temperature Resistance Short term 200
Long term 150
Storage Conditions
Store in a dry cleaning, the temperature is 5 ℃ to 30 ℃, storage life for a year, to avoid organic solvents, sharp objects during storage, nor rolling and throws.
Based on the properties of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, we sincerely recommend:
1) the use of adhesive tape conditions suggested control for 20 ~ 30 ~ 35 ℃, 60% RH;Please don’t do paste operation when below 15 ℃;
2) before pasting, make sure the surface of the adhesive is clean and dry;
3) in order to make the adhesive belt give full play to its stickiness, it is suggested to paste it at one end first, and apply pressure of 1.5kg/cm2 or more to the other end slowly under the premise of the adhesive material.