RT-DS902: Double Sided A/B Tape

Double-Sided PET Tape  (Double Sided A/B Tape)
Product Description
Transparent polyester film as carrier and coated with modified solvent based Acrylic Adhesive, it owns features includes: strong cohesion, good aging resistance, superior temperature resistance, very high initial tack and excellent at holding power and so on. Ideal for fixing tempered glass, window glass and other general applications, etc.

Typical Physical Properties
Test Item Unit Typical test value Test method
Carrier  – 12 um Clear
PET Film
Color  – Transparent  –
Adhesive  – Solvent Acrylic Adheisve Based  –
Liner  – White Release Paper  –
Without liner
um 100±5 ASTM D3652
Adhesive A side um 39±1 ASTM D3652
Adhesive B side um 49±1 ASTM D3652
Peel Adhesion  at 180° N/25mm A side 14.9 ASTM D3330
30 mins
B side 10.5±1.5
Holding Power mins 23°C x 1000g >3000 ASTM D3654
80°C x 500g >3000 ASTM D3654