RT-DS310: Adhesive Transfer Tape

RT-DS310: Adhesive Transfer Tape
RT-DS310 is a high performance adhesive transfer tape.
It owns excellent high viscosity, outstanding durability, good transparency and also good at hgih temperature resistance and high cohesion strength and excellent UV resistance which all make the tape ideal for being used in a wide range of temperature.
Due to its good features, it can be used in kinds of conditions include weak acid, weak alkali, salt water and so on.
The tape has own certain solvent resistance and fits for applications like bonding, fixation  of the thin film switches and  graphics of electronic devices and so on.
Alternative to 467MP, etc

Typical Physical Properties
Test Item Test data Unit
Total Thickness 50 um
Adhesive Modified Acrylic Adhesive  –
Color Transparent  –
Liner White PCK Release Paper  –
Peel SUS (90 degree, 20mins) 16.3 N/25mm
Peel SUS (90 degree, 3days) 22.5 N/25mm
Peel ABS (90 degree, 3days) 17.3 N/25mm
Peel PC (90 degree, 3days) 16.3 N/25mm
Static Shear
(1kg,1 square inch)
>10,000 Mins
Application Temperature Recommended Short Term up to 150°C  ( up to 302°F)
Long-terms up to 200°C  ( up to 392°F)