Water based acrylic adhesive was desgined for Bopp Tape, Lable, Sticker applicaitons etc.


Item name:Water-based acrylic adhesive

Color : Translucent (Milky white)

Solid content:  55%

Hazard identification information

1>Skin contact :Continuous contact with or exposed skin will cause skin irritation or redness

2>Eye contact :Will cause eye irritation

3>Inhalation: vapors may cause irritation to the respiratory tract

4>Ingestion: may cause irritation to the gastrointestinal system

Regular Packages



Package: Flexitank

Up to 22,000 kgs~24,000 kgs per Flexitank

1 Flexitank/20ft container

Plastic Tank

Package:Plastic Tank

1,000 kgs per Tank

18 Tanks/20ft Container